Movie: The Secret World of Arietty

19 Feb

Who: F. J. & D.
What: The Secret World of Arietty
When: Saturday, February 18, 2012 9:35 PM
Where: Muvico Egyptian 24

Want to decorate my room like a garden. Studio Ghibli ❤


Music: 2NE1 – Ugly

17 Feb

Unsure how I feel about the lyrics, but a neon paint fight with friends under a black light ranks pretty high now on my growing bucket list. Looks so fun!


16 Feb

Been a while since I enjoyed myself this much.

  • Made some new friends. Being in school makes it so much easier. Wish I had taken more advantage of it in undergrad… 1) Got a chance to chat on the metro ride home with someone I’m working with on a group project. 2) Connected with someone I worked with on a group project last semester. 3) Wrote a note to a girl in class:
    Mine: “Hey B., I like food trucks too. Let’s be friends?”
    Hers: “Yes! …”
    😀 Elementary school style~ Pretty cute, right?
  • Rediscovering music I like. The thing with getting older is that there’s an ever-growing set of experiences to potentially forget + my memory is getting worse for wear. Well, maybe that’s not true.. maybe I’ve always been forgetful.. At any rate, I’m finding that a perk to forgetting things I like is that it’s almost as exciting rediscovering it as it was discovering it for the first time. Kind of like cash I might forget about in a winter coat pocket…
  • Dinner at Fogo was duricious… and I really enjoyed my company. There was this awkward point for me where a server offered the ladies something that the guys were looking forward to. The other lady friend declined so he just gave it to me, then walked away. A mix of “what the?” and “damn” registered on the guys’ faces.
    Leaving me looking at my plate, trying to figure out: Ummm… do I eat it?
    Note to self: Especially liked filet anything, bottom sirloin, cheese rolls, plantains, and the salad bar potatoes.I still can’t seem to help myself when facing a cherry stem. It always seems like it’s challenging me. …Classy.

Protected: :)

4 Feb

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1 Feb

One of my professors grew up in Malaysia and her cultural background is Indian.  She explained that the color of her bindi–the dot on her forehead–signified her marital status. Her’s was red, signifying that she was married. A black dot would indicate that a young woman is “single and available.” Should her husband pass away, she would wear nothing. She said although the practice is becoming obsolete, she continues to wear hers because it is a part of how she identifies herself.

I looked a little more into it and apparently, the black color is intended to counter the influences of an evil eye directed towards the girl–a malicious gaze that is generally a result of envy or covetousness. This is especially if it’s a pretty youth who’s receiving many compliments. I find this interesting. It’s almost like a visual reminder to be mindful of one’s eyes when they look at another with envious feelings; and for the receiver, that she should maintain humility.

I admit that I kind of like the concept of looking at someone’s face and being able to tell if they’re single, married, or widowed. Of course, there’s the more obscure ring on the left hand, but a dot on one’s forehead is so apparent that most of the women of their culture can be identified by it. A perpetually visible and clear reminder of their relationship status might be helpful…

…I mean, can you imagine how much easier it would be if you went to a bar/party/social scene and all the single guys had a black dot on their foreheads?

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31 Jan

The LORD answered Moses, “Is the LORD’s arm too short? Now you will see whether or not what I say will come true for you.” Numbers 11:23

God, You’re so right. Your arms can reach anything and take care of everything.

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27 Jan

Hahaha. God, You’re funny.